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Our History

As a relatively small firm, Jamplast has the flexibility to be very creative in meeting precise customer requirements. Our organization’s culture is focused on delivering quality products and developing lasting partnerships. This philosophy has allowed the company to exhibit tremendous growth and refinement. We succeed because our clients succeed.

John A. Moisson Jr., founder of Jamplast, Inc., graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. emphasizing Marketing and Distribution. After graduation he immediately began a career with Dow Chemical Corporation. During his 12 year tenure, Moisson was closely involved with the organization’s distribution, sales, and marketing departments. This experience gave the pre-entrepreneur extensive knowledge of the plastics industry. Not only did Moisson gain an understanding of how the industry functioned—he also came to recognize its opportunities. Jamplast, Inc. was founded in May 1994.

The company was created as a thermoplastics distributor to service various North American plastic processing manufacturers, including molders, extruders, compounders and rotomolders. Jamplast began relationships with large petrochemical producers and custom compounders to source prime, custom compounded, wide-specification, and scrap thermoplastic materials. Jamplast leased space for inventory in four warehouses during the first year of its operation. Moisson and his wife, Carolyn, were the company’s only employees until May of 1997, when they decided to move the company from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1997, Jamplast has experienced rapid growth and dynamic development. The company’s distribution facilities and capabilities are multi-faceted.

We operate a 65,000 square foot distribution center located in Mt Vernon, IN. The facility has storage capabilities, bulk transfer, packaging, blending, grinding & sorting, and testing. In addition to the company’s own facility, Jamplast contracts with several distribution centers coast to coast including Canada in order to provide J.I.T. stocking capabilities.