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Biopolymers are renewable, sustainable, and in some cases compostable, materials similar to plastic.

Biopolymers are made from agricultural “non-food” plant materials. Their agricultural origins are what most distinguish Biopolymers from tradition polymers. Polymers are derived from petrochemicals. Once the supply of petrochemicals runs out, plastic runs out. But, because we can grow the source material used in the creation Biopolymers indefinitely, Biopolymers can be continually renewed.

Biopolymers possess the added benefits of potentially cutting down carbon emissions and reducing the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere. The CO2 released when Biopolymers degrade can be absorbed by the crops grown to replace them, making Biopolymers close to carbon neutral.

Jamplast is a premier Bioplastics distributor, offering multiple lines of custom formulated biopolymer thermoplastic.


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