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Weatherable Polymers

Lucite Tufcoat

Lucite® TufCoat® is the US construction industry’s leading product for architectural capping (capstock).

Lucite TufCoat is extruded over substrate materials such as PVC to provide exceptional durability and performance characteristics to siding. This includes UV weathering resistance, which means that manufacturers can offer a much wider range of color options confident in the knowledge that they will not fade or change color over time. Tufcoat is also used as a capstock over pultruded fiber glass lineals for window and trim applications. Capping applications include vinyl, vinyl sidings and composite windows. Tufcoat is a superior acrylic polymer designed specifically for coextrusion.

Samsung Starex ASA

Samsung’s Starex ASA is the material of choice for outdoor application. Possessing all the properties of ABS, it has a superior chemical stability as well an excellent gloss. Starex ASA color does not fade, even after it has been exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and is used in everything from cars to buildings to electronics.

Samsung Starex ASA WX

Samsung Satrex ASA WX is a premier material when it comes to weatherablity and impact strength. Designed to meet global automotive trends, WX retains the stability, weatherablity, and gloss of the Starex ASA but has greater impact strength. This makes Strarex ASA WX the ideal material for automotive and exterior design.


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