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We at Poly plus Solutions LLC enjoy doing business with Jamplast and Kyle over the last 4 years. Jamplast/Kyle are very knowledgeable of all the material and very fair on pricing. I hope to continue to do business in the years to come. Also, would like to say thanks to Mr. Michael Bernich for the introduction to Kyle, Lynne, Kathie. Let’s keep on keeping On. Thank you.

Jeff Goss

Poly Plus Solutions LLC

Over the years Jamplast has continually proven themselves to be a valuable partner in our supply chain. Jamplast is very responsive to our requests for materials, and if they do not have what we are looking for immediately available, they work hard to find it and deliver it at a fair price.

John Miles

Crosspoint Polymer Technologies

Jamplast is organized very well with every shipment and makes sure to stay updated with every shipment from point A to point B.  Lynne & Kathie are both great!  Their communication is awesome, and they always keep me in the loop with everything. I love working with Lynne & Kathie and helping out Jamplast with any & all shipments!  Jamplast is the best!


Total Quality Logistics

Our company, Bluegrass Transport & Expeditors, has been hauling freight for Jamplast for almost a decade.  During this time, Jamplast has proved to be an invaluable business partner because of their level of dedication to using local carriers, top-notch communication, and their willingness to work with us to solve any issues that may arise.  We work with Lynne Koepke and Kathie Maze daily, and their friendly attitude and reliable client-service is next to none.  Transportation and logistics are hard enough but having Jamplast as partners in the transportation business makes things a lot easier.  We are looking forward to servicing the transportation needs of Jamplast for the next decade!

Joe McGarrh

Vice President at Bluegrass Transport & Expeditors

Great company, great sales people, easy to worth with. Honest.

Steve Hogan


We’ve worked with Jamplast for nearly 20 years on several different projects. Awesome relationship with great people! Especially Kyle Donaghy, that guy’s 100.

Jeff Hoehn


This is Michael Ryan with King Of Freight. I work with Jamplast every single day along with many other businesses. What sets Jamplast apart is the loving people they employ along with the organization of the company which allows us to do big volume with the company without a single hiccup. Jamplast is my preferred vendor/customer when it comes to caring about customer service there is no-one like this company that takes pride in there work the way Lynne and Kathie do. I highly recommend doing business with this company, I wish there was more people like this - they are old fashioned in the sense of honoring every agreement made and can really count on them to honor their word. When it comes to trusting a business with high volume operations, trust this company and their people and they will show you the same support they have shown me over the years. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are looking for someone to be competitive in business and also handle business the way it should be. I love working with these people day in, day out. Thank you for all you do.

Michael Ryan

Senior Account Manager at King of Freight

We have the flexibility to be very creative in meeting precise customer requirements. We are focused on delivering quality products & developing lasting partnerships.

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